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Our Goal is for CrossFit to give a sense of belonging, and allows us to put our differences aside and work towards a common goal, lifelong fitness.  These goals can be set for weeks, months, or even years. It takes time, but that’s what the meaning of community is all about. Helping each other and working towards the common goals together. The goals can be personal, or even one set for a team or group of people.  


We are a collection of teachers at C.C. Erwin Middle School in Salisbury, NC.  We would like to bring CrossFit into our school for students and staff members to learn and execute the importance of lifelong fitness.  Long term, we are working towards bringing CrossFit to our School District as a whole. We would like to see CrossFit introduced and taught at the Elementary School level and then follow that child through High School as an option.  


Seeing the overall health improvement in our community will come from educating students and staff about values and benefits of CrossFit.  Of course, the physical benefits will be unfolded as you move forward in your CrossFit journey.  There are also mental benefits:  Boosting confidence, self esteem, sense of belonging, and family. It's what draws us to CrossFit.



The last person finishing is the just as important as the first.



Daniel Herring

Sports and fitness have been a vital part of my entire life. From participating in sports in grade school through college, the ability to compete in whatever I do has always been a driving force. I spent my college years focusing on powerlifting and then made the transition to CrossFit in 2009 as I worked out of my garage gym. Since 2009, I have participated in numerous competitions including CrossFit Sectionals. When I became principal of Erwin Middle School, I brought with me the goal of spreading the CrossFit culture so that our faculty and students could reap the benefits of CrossFit’s incredible fitness methodology. 3.2.1…Go!


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Eagle Nation Crossfit

170 St. Luke's Church Road Salisbury NC 28146

Tel: 704-279-7265 ext.138

Email: jordan.mccarthy@rss.k12.nc.us

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